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Current Research Interests

System approaches to biological threat assessment and mitigation
PI for a project for developing a mitiagation and analysis tool for epidemics accross the nation.

Development and study of models for the conditions of coexistence between groups (or nations)
A national team is currently developing a "bottoms-up" simulation tool that describes the self-organization of interest groups and their interactions. This "Coexistence in Suggestive Simulations" (CISS, a close cousin to KISS) is planned to be a discovery tool for policy makers for community transformation, regional conflict resolutions and democracy creation.

Modeling of multiphase flows in industrial applications
Co-investigator for the development of a modeling capability of gas and mixed solids in multiphase flows.

Self-organizing knowledge creation on distributed networks with human interaction
Founder of a new project for the enhancement and investigation of problem solving on distributed networks that combine unique abilities of information networks and human problem solving. Research focuses on mechanisms for the higher system functionality based on self-organizing problem solving, without competition or cooperation.

Role of diversity in social, ecological, economic, and organizational systems.
Studies into the role of diversity across many natural and human systems, focusing on the how diversity can be either advantageous or detrimental to the global processes.Past Research Interests

Modeling of hydrogen combustion
Principal investigator on a multi-laboratory project to develop a hydrogen-fueled engine for a stationary or vehicle power-plant with zero emissions and high efficiency.

Non-local theories in continuum mechanics
Studies on the reasonableness of continuum theories that use high-order spatial operators.

Stochastic particle treatments of multiphase injection
The modeling of liquid sprays using Lagrangian particles in Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) codes.

Modeling of high-power-density diesel engines and ultrahigh pressure fuel injection
Principal Investigator on multi-laboratory project to develop an opposed-piston diesel engine.

Inertially-confined fusion.
One of three designers in the development of a novel concept for inertially confined fusion.

Interface reconstruction in CAVEAT, an ALE code

Co-developed and implemented the first interface reconstruction of mixed cells in a nonorthogonal mesh.

Modeling of low speed viscoelastic and Newtonian flows
Developed an original numerical method for solving complex viscoelastic flow problems; included the first free-Lagrangian technique for incompressible fluid flow; also included artificial intelligence techniques in solution method.

Development of code for cavity radiation and radiation to outer surfaces
Extended an existing fluid-heat-stress finite element code to include a generalized radiation treatment and nonlinear and nonisotropic material properties.

Solving sets of highly nonlinear algebraic equations
Developed numerical convergence techniques for highly nonlinear algebraic equations that increase radius and speed of convergence, included first known technique that employed self-regulation (A.I.
techniques) to optimize convergence properties.

Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics in polymeric systems
Developed the first nonlinear molecular model to describe the change in non-Newtonian viscoelastic behavior from dilute to semidilute polymer solutions. Co-developed the first nonlinear chain model for describing nonlinear viscoelasticity.
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