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Information about the Mailing Lists for the Project

These email mailing lists are maintained for the Symbiotic Intelligence Project:


Announcements of meetings, papers, etc. of general interest to the community


Announcements specific to the Sym-Intel Project (also posted to net-ist - very low traffic)


Discussions and queries (this is the place to post questions and comments)


Announcements of updates and changes to this site (very low traffic)

These lists are for for anyone around the world. These list are self-maintaining email lists, you subscribe and remove (unsubscribe) your own name to the list. To protect the list from nuisance changes, the supervisory software will require approval to subscribe or unsubscribe an email if it is sent by anyone or from anywhere but the sender on the same machine.

See for a full description of the use and options of the mailing lists. Summary below.

How to subscribe or unsubscribe

First things first: you subscribe or unsubscribe by sending an email to, and NOT THE LIST ITSELF. Too often, new users trying to subscribe or unsubscribe send an email to the list, and this irritates everyone. Not to mention after all is said and done, you still aren't subscribed or unsubscribed to the list!

Here's an example of how to subscribe and unsubscribe (replace net-ist with any of the other list above):

To subscribe, send an email to with no subject and a message of

subscribe net-ist

To unsubscribe, send an email to with no subject and a message of

unsubscribe net-ist

How to post to the list

Posting to the mailing lists is easy. Just address an email to

Find out who else is on the list

send an email to with the following in the body of the email:

who net-ist

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