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Selected Publications and Presentations

Links to the documents when available are below.

N. Johnson and T. Wilson (2009). “Maturing Cyber Security Using BioThreat Experiences and Resources,” accepted for publication and presentation at the CyberSpace Research Workshop, AFRL Collaboration Cyber Symposium, Jul 14-18, 2009, Shreveport, Louisiana. Available here. Presentation slides here. Slides with notes.

N. L. Johnson and J. Watkins (2008). “The Where-How of Leadership Emergence (WHOLE) Landscape: Charting Emergent Collective Leadership.” Avaialble here at SSRN.

N. L. Johnson (2008). “Science of Collective Intelligence”, Chapter in: Tovey, M. (Ed.) (2008). Collective Intelligence: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace. EIN Press, Oakton, VA. Chapter available here. Full book available online here.

N. L. Johnson and D. Franz (2007) - Co-Chairs and authors. “Protecting Building Occupants and Operations from Biological and Chemical Airborne Threats: A Framework for Decision Making.” National Academcy of Sciences - National Research Council. Available here.

N. L. Johnson and J. H. Watkins (2007). “Interplay of Adaptive Selection and Synergistic Performance: As an example of natural selection and self-organization” Peer reviewed paper for a presentation at Selection and Self-Organization Workshop, CSIRO-sponsored complex system science workshop, Katoomba, Australia. Available here.

N. Johnson, (2002). “The Development of Collective Structure and Its Response to Environmental Change.” Presented at the Self-Organisation & Evolution of Social Behaviour Workshop, Monte Verita, Switzerland, September, 2002. Los Alamos National Laboratory Report, LA-UR-02-3125. Avaliable here. Netlogo simulation here. Download Netlogo here.

Johnson, N. L. (2000). Developmental Insights into Evolving Systems: Roles of Diversity, Non-Selection, Self-Organization, Symbiosis. Artificial Life VII. M. Bedau. MIT Press., Cambridge, Mass.. Available here.

Johnson, N. L. (2000). "Importance of Diversity: Reconciling Natural Selection and Noncompetitive Processes," in Closure: Emergent Organizations and Their Dynamics, vol. 901, Annuals of the New York Academy of Sciences, J. L. R. Chandler and G. V. d. Vijer, Eds. New York. Available here.

Johnson, N. L. (1999). "Diversity in Decentralized Systems: Enabling Self-Organizing Solutions," Conference Proceedings of Decentralization Two Nov. 19-20, 1999, UCLA. (LA-UR-6281.) Available here.

Johnson, N. L., and V. A. Longmire (1999). "Science of Social Diversity," Report at Los Alamos National Laboratory Report, Los Alamos, NM. LA-UR-99-336, May, 1999. Available here.

Johnson, N. L. (1999). Self-Organizing Knowledge Systems: Enabling Diversity, Conference Proceedings for the 4th Annual Collaboration Conference, Virginia Beach, VA, 1999.

Rasmussen, S. and Johnson, N. L. (1998). Self-Organization in and around the Internet. Proceedings of 6th Santa Fe Chaos in Manufacturing Conference, Santa Fe, April 1998. <>

Johnson, N. L., Rasmussen, S., Joslyn, C., Rocha, L., Smith, S., & Kantor, M. (1998). "Symbiotic Intelligence: Self-Organizing Knowledge on Distributed Networks Driven by Human Interactions." In C. Adami, et al. (Eds.), Artificial Life VI. Cambridge, Mass., MIT Press. <>

Johnson, N. L., S. Rasmussen, and M. Kantor (1998). "New Frontiers in Collective Problem Solving," Los Alamos National Laboratory Report, Los Alamos, NM LA-UR-98-1150, May 1998.

Johnson, N. L. "Collective Problem Solving: Functionality beyond the individual," Los Alamos National Laboratory Report, Los Alamos, NM LA-UR-98-2227, Nov 1998.

D. Haworth, N. L. Johnson, and S. A. Wahiduzzaman, editors, Diesel and SI Engine Modeling, SP-1306. Warrendale, PA, SAE publication, 1997.

N. L. Johnson, A. A. Amsden, and T. D. Butler, "Numerical Modeling of Hydrogen-Fueled Internal Combustion Engines," Proceedings of the 1997 U.S. DOE Hydrogen Program Review, NREL/CP-430-23722, 335-53, 1997.

Aceves, S. M., Smith, J. R., and Johnson, N. L., "Computer Modeling in the Design and Evaluation of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles." 11th Annual National Educators' Workshop, Los Alamos, 1997.

Johnson, N. L., "Hydrogen as a zero-emission, high-efficiency fuel: Uniqueness, experiments and simulations." Proceedings of 3rd International Conference ICE97, Internal Combustion Engines: Experiments and Modeling, Isola di Capri, Naples, Italy, 1997.

Kantor, M., & Johnson, N. L., "Research Directions for the Next Generation Internet: Emergent Knowledge on the Internet (LA-UR-97-1200)." Proceedings of Research Directions for the Next Generation Internet, Vienna, Virginia, 1997.

N. L. Johnson,"The Legacy and Future of CFD At Los Alamos" Proceedings of the 1996 Canadian CFD Conference, Ottawa, Canada, 1996. Available here.

N. L. Johnson, A. A. Amsden, and T. D. Butler, "Numerical Modeling of Hydrogen-Fueled Internal Combustion Engines," The 1996 DOE/NREL Hydrogen Program Review, NREL/CP-430-20036, 285-304, 1996. Report available here. Annotated list of references for hydrogen combstion uploadable to most citation resources.

N. L. Johnson, "KIVA Family of Codes: A General Introduction" in the Proceedings for the KIVA Workshop and Tutorial, Editor T. T. Zhu. Joint publication by Cray Research Inc., Los Alamos National Laboratory and University of Wisconsin, February, 1996. Available here.

N. L. Johnson and Y. Takagi, editors. Modeling in Diesel and SI Engines, SAE publication SP-1123. Warrendale, PA. 1995.

J. R. Smith, S. Aceves, N. L. Johnson, and A. A. Amsden. "Progress towards an Optimized Hydrogen Series Hybrid Engine." Alternative Fuels and Natural Gas, Vol. 3, ICE-Vol. 25-3; edited by J. A. Caton. 17th Annual Fall Technical Conference of the ASME Internal Combustion Engine Division. Milwaukee, WI (1995).

A. Amsden and N. L. Johnson, "Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling of Hydrogen Injection and Combustion." Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Transport Phenomena in Combustion at San Francisco, California (1995).

N. L. Johnson, P. J. O'Rourke, and A. A. Amsden. "Numerical Modeling of Port-Injection Fuel Film Flows," Annual Automotive Technology Development Contractors' Meeting, August 1995.

N. L. Johnson, A. A. Amsden, T. D. Butler, "Hydrogen Program Combustion Research: Three Dimensional Computer Modeling," Proceedings of the 1995 DOE/NREL Hydrogen Program Review, Vol. II, pp. 285-304, NREL/CP-430-20036 (1995).

N. L. Johnson, A. A. Amsden, J. D. Naber, D. L. Siebers, "Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling of Hydrogen Injection and Combustion," '95 SMC Simulation Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, April;13, 1995. Available here.

Y.-X. Zhu, C. Savonen, N. L. Johnson, A. A. Amsden, "Three-Dimensional Computations of the Scavenging Process in an Opposed-Piston Engine," SAE Technical Paper Series, Paper 941899 (1994).

A. A. Amsden, T. D. Butler, N. L. Johnson,"Hydrogen Program Combustion Research: Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling," Proceedings of the 1994 DOE/NREL Hydrogen Program Review, pp. 129;143, NREL/CP-470-6431 (1994).

N. L. Johnson, N. Phan-Thien, "Nonlocal Models in Continuum Mechanics," Advanced Computational Methods for Material Modeling, eds. D. J. Benson and R. A. Asaro, AMD-Vol 180, ASME , 59-70 (1993). Available here.

K. S. Lackner, S. Colgate, N. L. Johnson, R. C. Kirkpatrick, R. Menikoff, A. G. Petschek," Equilibrium Ignition for ICF Capsules," LA-UR-93-4445, Los Alamos National Laboratory (1993).

N. Phan-Thien, N. L. Johnson, P. J. Dotson, and A. L. Graham, "Constitutive Equations with a Stress Diffusion Term," LA-UR-90-1995, Los Alamos National Laboratory (1990).

Variety of Los Alamos National Laboratory publications (22 reports in 1989-92 not cited here).

Menikoff, R., K. Lackner, N. L. Johnson, S. A. Colgate, J. M. Hyman, G. A. Miranda, "Shock Driven by a Phased Implosion," Phys. Fluids A, 3, 201;218 (1991).

N. L. Johnson, K. Lackner, J. M. Hyman, R. Menikoff, A. Juveland, "History of Computations in Gifthorse," Defense Science, LA-UR-11910-PR, 23;24 (1990).

N. L. Johnson, K. Lackner, R. Menikoff, S. Colgate, J. Colvin, "Future Directions for Gifthorse," Defense Science, LA-UR-11910-PR, 58;62 (1990).

R. Menikoff, K. Lackner, N. L. Johnson, S. Colgate, J. Hyman, "The Design of Gifthorse," Defense Science, LA-UR-11910-PR, 20;28 (1990).

S. Colgate, M. George, P. Gobby, B. Gillespie, R. Steele, L. Veeser, N. L. Johnson, K. Lackner, R. Menikoff, "Construction and Testing of Gifthorse," Defense Science, LA-UR-11910-PR, 29;38 (1990).

R. Menikoff, K. Lackner, N. L. Johnson, S. Colgate, M. George, "Results from a Recent Experiment," Defense Science, LA-UR-11910-PR, 45 (1990).

N. L. Johnson, editor. "CAVEAT: A Computer Code for Fluid Dynamics Problems with Large Distortion and Internal Slip" by F. L. Addessio., J. R. Baumgardner, J. K. Dukowicz, N. L. Johnson, B. A. Kashiwa, R. M. Rauenzahn, and C. Zemach. Los Alamos National Laboratory, LA-10613-MS-revised (1990).

D. Besnard, F. H. Harlow, N. L. Johnson, R. Rauenzahn, and J. Wolfe, "Instabilities and Turbulence," in From Cardinals to Chaos, N. G Cooper, Editor, Cambridge University Press (1989).

D. J. Cagliostro, R. H. Warnes, N. L. Johnson, and R. K. Fujita, "Spall Measurements in Shock-Loaded Hemispherical Shells from Free-Surface Velocity Histories," Shock Waves in Condensed Matter - 1987, Elsevier Sci-ence Publishers (1988).

N. L. Johnson, A. L. Graham, and G. E. Cort, "Comparison of Methods For Solving Nonlinear Finite-Element Equations," Chemical Engineering Communications 26, 269;284 (1984).

R. B. Bird, P. J. Dotson, and N. L. Johnson,"Polymer Solution Rheology Based on a Finitely Extensible Bead-Spring Chain Model," Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 7, 213;235 (1980).

N. L. Johnson, R. B. Bird, and P. J. Dotson, "An Approximate Theory of Nonlinear Viscoelasticity For Polymer Solutions Not Infinitely Dilute," RRC 66, Rheology Research Center, University of Wisconsin (1980).

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