Norman L. Johnson

These pages contain information from Los Alamos reports: LA-UR 97-1200, 98-489, 98-2227, 98-1150, 98-2549

The Symbiotic Intelligence Project
Self-Organizing Knowledge on Distributed Networks Driven by Human Interaction
From New Frontiers in Collective Problem Solving, by N. Johnson, S. Rasmussen, M. Kantor;
LA UR-98-1150 Or see an alternative, more detailed summary

List of changes to site
Format: Header (year/month/day, Rev. #, Name), then description of changes
03/12/13, Rev.3.1 nlj
Fixed file for diverstiy standown - updated file with new version.
03/10/01, Rev.3.0 nlj
Major facelift to the site - minor changes in content.

01/5/30, Rev. 2.1a nlj

Added link to paper on collective investing on the Documents Page.

01/5/28 , Rev. 2.1 nlj
Added Decentralization paper (11/99) to Documents page.

00/10/28 , Rev. 2.0 nlj
Variety of papers and presentations added under Documents page. Publication and talks and interests added to ishi site.

99/05/14 , Rev. 1.0i, nlj
Variety of papers and presentations added under Documents page. A new Diversity section added.

99/03/29 , Rev. 1.0h, nlj
Added link to Abstract for Collaborative Conference under Documents page. 

98/11/19 , Rev. 1.0g , nlj
Added Hong&Pages papers, Added additional mailing list. 

98/11/17 , Rev. 1.0f , nlj
Replace nlj paper on Collective Problem Solving with newest version.

98/6/22 , Rev. 1.0e , nlj
Added links to Joslyn, person and paper. FAQ is now a separate Web Page.

98/6/17 , Rev. 1.0d , nlj
Added links to FAQ7 on progress. Added creation of new web page for all external links.

98/6/1 , Rev. 1.0c , nlj
Added papers and viewgraphs of Madhav to documments. Rewrote faq7.

98/5/30 , Rev. 1.0b , nlj
Added FAQ on social evolution and added links to PCP.

98/5/28 , Rev. 1.0a , nlj
Added mailing list and other header info.

98/5/28 , Rev. 1.0, nlj
Major rewrite of site. Added all current publications and FAQ.

98/5/14 , Rev. 0.1, nlj
Replaced Alife paper with final version of 98/3/15

97/10/03 , Rev. 0.0, nlj
Site backbone created by NLJ based on outlines and discussion at net-core meetings. Document links started.


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