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Transformation of Mature Communities – All about Social Identity and Collective Intelligence, Presentation at the Santa Fe Salon, Revitalizing New Mexico. 29 Dec 2012. Presentation available here.

Maturing Cyber Security Using BioThreat Experiences and Resources, Presentation at the CyberSpace Research Workshop, AFRL Collaboration Cyber Symposium, Jul 14, 2009, Shreveport, Louisiana. Paper avaiable here. Presentation available here. Presentation with notes.

Retrospective on 10 Years of Modeling Human Dynamics, Invited Opening Keynote presentation at the Australian-sponsored CSIRO “Complex Systems Science Workshop on Human System Dynamics”, April 2009. Presentation available here with notes.

Planning and Response Resources for Infectious Disease, Invited presentation by PACOM for the Ninth Asia-Pacific Military Operations Research Symposium (AMORS IX) in Sydney, Australia, 8-10 September 2008. Slides available here with notes.

Collaborative Resources and Website for the Robotics Community, Presentation at the 2008 Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference, San Antonio, TX, Mar 2008. A community development event for soliciting friendly users and user feedback for the new SPAWAR Robotics site.

Emergent Leadership from Below: The next frontier of decision making and Psycho-Social Dynamics Advanced by Group Identity Modeling, Two Presentations at the New England Complex System Institute Annual meeting, Nov 2007. Abstracts and presentations available here.

Diversity: A weapon of mass construction. Invited Keynote Presentation at the Tapia Conference on Diversity in Computing, Orlando Florida. 15-17 Oct 2007.

Discovery Workshop: Applying complex science to organizational design in multi-stakeholder systems. Presentations: “Diversity as the Solution to the Hardest Problems” and “Strategies in Ecosystems.” Planned and organized the workshop, and presented two talks for the National Alliance for Physician Competence. Aug. 2007. Schedule, text and presentations available here.

Power Laws and Businesses: Role of Scaling in Developing an Understanding of How Systems Work. Santa Fe Institute Business Network Topical Meeting on Scaling in Real Systems. July 2006. Presentation with notes available here.

Sustainable Strategies in Fast Changing Times. Invited presentation at the Credit Suisse Thought Leader Forum 2002. Slides available here. Text of the talk and available here. Text also avialble here.

What a Developmental Perspective Can Do for You. Credit Suisse First Boston Thought Leader Forum, Santa Fe, September 2000. Presentation available here. See other presentations here for 2000-2003.

Developmental Insights into Evolving Systems. Artificial Life VII Conference, Portland, August 2000.

A Simple Agent Model for a Dynamical, Evolutionary System: Insights into diversity and natural selection. ISSS World Conference, Toronto, July 2000.

Adaptation without Selection, Invited lecture presented at Workshop on Complexity, Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe NM, June, 1999.

Fall of the House of Experts. Santa Fe Institute Public Lectures, May 2000.

Science of Diversity (Laboratory-wide presentation to over 8000 employees), Los Alamos National Laboratory, May 2000.

Hydrogen Combustion Modeling and Upgrade to KIVA-3V Code, Opening invited lectures presented at Combustion Modeling in I.C.E., University of Cassino, Cassino, Italy, Dec. 1999.

Diversity in Decentralized Systems: Enabling Self-Organizing Solutions, Invited lecture presented at Decentralization Two, UCLA Nov. 19, 1999.

Distributed, Self-Organizing Socio-Economic Systems: The Real Reason behind the Fear of Y2K, Invited lecture presented at Workshop on Economic Computation, Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe NM, June, 1999.

Self-Organizing, Collective Problem Solving in Distributed Systems: Functionality without Selection, presented at Seventh Annual Washington Evolutionary Systems Society Conference, University of Ghent, Belgium, May, 1999.

Self-Organizing Knowledge Systems: Enabling Diversity, Invited lecture presented at 4th Annual Collaboration Conference, Virginia Beach, VA, 1999.

Perspective on "Difficulty" in Institutions and Alternative Approaches. Invited lecture at Conference on Institutions: Complexity and Difficulty. March 1999, Santa Fe Institute.

Introduction to the Symbiotic Intelligence Project. Presented at the Emergent Semantic and Computational Processes in Distributed Information Systems. August 1998, Los Alamos National Laboratory. http://www.c3.l

Self-Organization in and around the Internet. Invited lecture at the 6th Santa Fe Chaos in Manufacturing Conference, Santa Fe, April 1998.

Hydrogen Program Combustion Research. Annual Hydrogen Program Peer Review, Washington D.C., April 1997.

Introduction to CFD Methods, Lecture at the 1997 Canadian CFD Conference, Victoria, Canada, 1997.

Emergent Knowledge on the Internet. Workshop on Research Directions for the Next Generation Internet, Vienna, Virginia, 1997.

CFD Advances At Los Alamos, Chalk River Laboratories, Chalk River, Canada, 1996.

The Legacy and Future of CFD At Los Alamos, Invited lecture at the 1996 Canadian CFD Conference, Ottawa, Canada, 1996. Presentation available here. Publication available here.

Hydrogen Program Combustion Research. Annual Hydrogen Program Peer Review, Miami, Florida, April 1996.

Introduction to KIVA Family of Codes and Numerics. KIVA Workshop and Tutorial at the 1996 SAE Congress in Detroit, February 1996.

Computer Simulation of Hydrogen Combustion Engines. Hydrogen Program Working Group Meeting, San Francisco, CA, October 1995.

Progress towards an Optimized Hydrogen Series Hybrid Engine. 17th Annual Fall Technical Conference of the ASME Internal Combustion Engine Division. Milwaukee, WI, September 1995.

Progress towards Modeling Hydrogen Injection and Combustion. 8th International Symposium on Transport Phenomena in Combustion, San Francisco, California, July 1995.

Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling of Hydrogen Injection and Combustion. '95 SMC Simulation Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, April 1995.

Three-Dimensional Computations of the Scavenging Process in an Opposed-Piston Engine. 1994 SAE Fuels and Lubricants Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland, October 1994.

Nonlocal Models in Continuum Mechanics. ASME Winter Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, November 1993. Paper available here.

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