Norman L. Johnson
Dr. Norman L. Johnson

Chief Scientist • Referentia Systems
Referentia Systems Inc • Honolulu, Hawaii

Main Sites

Full Science of Diversity Web site
Under development: contains the full perspective of diversity in social, economic and natural systems.

Science of Diversity Introduction site
A brief summary of the science of diversity.

Symbiotic Intelligence Project
How diversity and electronic information systems will change our future.

 Norman L. Johnson Theoretical Division (T-3)

Veronique A. Longmire Diversity Office (DV)

Links to other sites

Introduction to Managing Workplace Diversity by Beverley Becker, Manuel Erviti, Amelia Shelley. April 30, 1997

LANL Diversity Office Web site

LANL Diversity Community Web site, cira 1997
Not maintained but with exceptional links and information.




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