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Dr. Norman L. Johnson

Chief Scientist • Referentia Systems
Referentia Systems Inc • Honolulu, Hawaii

List of changes to site
Format: Header (year/month/day, Rev. #, Name), then description of changes

03/12/12, Rev. 3.1, nlj
Replaced PPT doc for diversity standdown - it was corrupted, replaced with new version.
03/11/14, Rev. 3.0, nlj
Major face lift to site, updated the introduction on the long version of the site to be more consistent with current thinking.
01/7/23, Rev. 2.0, nlj
Fixed all broken links. Cleaned up naming of pages. Added disclaimer/privacy notice to all pages, as required by DOE.
01/5/31, Rev. 1.2a, nlj
The Science of Diversity introduction has been updated. Broken links on the main diversity page fixed.
01/5/28, Rev. 1.2, nlj
The paper on Decentralization and Diversity was added to the documents page.

00/10/26, Rev. 1.1, nlj
Added new Documents page specific for diversity papers - now with descriptions for each paper.

00/10/25, Rev. 1.0, nlj
Updated introductory text on main diversity page - reflecting the new understanding presented in the ALife VII paper.

00/04/14, Rev. 0.3, nlj
Updated "Science of Diversity Document" and Link page

00/04/04, Rev. 0.2, nlj
Slight update to introductory text. Link to final version of ALife VII paper.

00/03/29 , Rev. 0.1, nlj
Added link to site recommend by Marti Browne - see related links.

00/03/27 , Rev. 0.1, nlj
Updated main introduction to reflect new perspective in ALife VII paper.
99/10/20 , Rev. 0.0, nlj
Diversity pages created - linked to Symbiotic Intelligence Site.



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